The Ligandable Human Proteome


Peptidase M12A

IndexGene Name PrimaryProtein NameUniprot IDGene Name SynonymLigand NameStructurePDB Codeligand desolvationLigand StructureCompound Affinity nM
1BMP1Bone morphogenetic protein 1P13497PCOLCe8sBMP1 complexed with a hydroxamate - compound 26btq81.37no data
2BMP1Bone morphogenetic protein 1P13497PCOLCe7dBMP1 complexed with a reverse hydroxamate - compound 46bsm64.08no data
3BMP1Bone morphogenetic protein 1P13497PCOLCe8mBMP1 complexed with a reverse hydroxymate - compound 16btn82.52no data
4BMP1Bone morphogenetic protein 1P13497PCOLCe8jBMP1 complexed with a hydroxamate6btp75.07no data