The Ligandable Human Proteome


Alpha carbonic anhydrase domain

IndexProtein NameGene Name PrimaryGene Name SynonymUniprot IDHighest desolvation of bound compounds in the PDB
1Carbonic anhydrase 1 CAH1P0091592.78
2Carbonic anhydrase 12 CAH12O4357091.45
3Carbonic anhydrase 13 CAH13Q8N1Q190.98
4Carbonic anhydrase 2 CAH2P0091888.9
5Carbonic anhydrase 14 CAH14Q9ULX787.55
6Carbonic anhydrase 9 CAH9G250 MNQ1679084.28
7Carbonic anhydrase 4 CAH4P2274882.63
8Carbonic anhydrase 7 CAH7P4316681.72